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I haven't posted for awhile.  Last November, 2017, after I completed my Proton Radiation treatment, I returned to MDAnderson for a PET scan and they found no evidence of disease but, did see a small  nodule in my left lung.  Dr. Eng put me on another 2 months of Lite chemo, 5Fu and I returned in Feb. 2018 for another PET scan.  The 2/18 scan showed the same nodule but no change.  To be on the safe side, Dr. Eng, recommended that I do another 2 months of chemo and see if we could get rid of the nodule.  I went in for my next PET scan last week.  Good news - still no evidence of disease however, the nodules have grown slightly from 3 mm to 6 mm and the second one grew from 1 - 3mm.  They did not light up on the PET scan so they are still not sure what they are.  For now, no more chemo and I have to go back in two months for a follow up scan to see if they have changed.  If/when they grow to 1cm, they can do a biospy.  I am very nervous because from what I have read, nodules that grow are usually malignant but, I am trying to remain positive and live every day to the fullest.  I am finally over the fracture in my sacrum, which was a side effect of radiaiton they believe, and I am now back to exercising regularly.  I even gained 5  pounds which is alot for me.  So, I feel great physically.  Having Cancer is not fun, but I have learned to make the best of it and to live my life.  I hope you are all doing well.

Susan, Nathan threw a punch at your cancer.
Janice sent you a prayer.
Janet, Jeanne sent you a hug.
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I'm sorry that you're going through this scary time. Glad you were able to put some weight on. I have the opposite problem. I gained weight during treatment. I am finally taking some off. Sending hugs, love, and prayers.
Glad you are feeling well enough to exercise and I hope you can enjoy these months off chemo It’s such a nice time of year to get outside - enjoy!
Hang in there. I know that that you are scared and it's hard to not think about all of the "what if's" I'll keep you in my prayers. Please keep us posted.
Thanks so much for your update, Dianne. I'm sorry to hear that you have the nodules, but it's great that they are being watched closely. Please keep us posted when you go for your next follow-up scan. I'm glad to hear your fracture has healed. At least you do not have that worry now. I wish you all the best as you and your doctors continue to monitor your status. Take care.
Sorry for the nodule news. I have had one appear in my lung for the past 2 scans. They do not seem worried as it has not changed. I also have a spot on my liver and kidney. I am with you on enjoying the moment. I think of that poor woman that got sucked out of the window on the Southwest flight and passed away.
Cancer sucks, but we never know our moment so enjoy the ones you have.
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