Anal Cancer Foundation Fundraiser in souther CA

Hi Everyone,

Anal Cancer Foundation Fund Raiser with Marcia Cross. May 19th in southern CA. For anyone interested in attending, here is the link to learn more about this great fund raiser and to register. Marcia Cross, is the actress from Desparate Housewives, who was recently spotlighted in a People Magazine article describing her diagnosis with Anal cancer and her commitment to bringing more awareness to Anal cancer. Maybe a group of us could attend. I live in Washington DC but I am considering attending. I really want to help educate the world about anal cancer and I hope that future anal cancer patients will never have shame admitting they have this cancer. After 6 years, I finally have evolved to the point that I do not shy away from saying "I have Anal cancer."


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Deborah threw a punch at your cancer.
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I am considering going!
That is great! I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend. :(
You have a great fighting spirit. I have learned so much about anal cancer from this blog. Sorry, can't go, too busy fighting pancreatic cancer with my warrior husband. All cancers need fighters like yourself. I hope you are able to go.
I’m so glad Marcia Cross is doing this - the foundation needed someone like her to come forward, speak out and bring recognition to this awful disease. Going through cancer treatment is bad enough and being embarrassed/ashamed to tell others the nature of it made it twice as bad. I wish I could go to this - I’d love a trip to California in May and the chance to meet other survivors. Hope everyone who goes has a great time and lots of money is raised!
I guess we could buy a ticket whether we go or not; to support?
I would love to go; sis is still going through treatment. But, I think I'll buy a ticket, then it won't matter if I show or not.
No skating for me; but I'm sure it's ok to watch...walk the ring (with my walking sticks) :D
Thanks Dianne for telling us!
That's good of you to travel to help people. No reason you should feel shame about anal cancer but I get what you convey. I hope a lot of good comes out of this. I didn't know Marcia Cross had Ca. Her hubs had prostate about 10 years ago.
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