Anal Cancer Foundation California Fund Raiser

Here is the updated link to the Anal Cancer Foundation's upcoming Fund Raiser in southern CA on 5/19.  I purchased a ticket but, I have to start chemo again and will not be attending.  I am happy to send my ticket to anyone who wants to attend.  The actress Marcia Cross, who was recently treated for anal cancer, will be attending and the Farah Fawcett Foundation is a sponsor.  My daughter, who works for VICE Network, is helping them send press releases out to the media and spread the word.  It would be great if we could get some national attention for anal cancer awareness.

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Hi Dianne, thank you for posting about this event. I would like to attend but my kids have events I simply couldn’t miss. I’ve been wondering how your immunotherapy is going and chemo as well? My last CT showed a 3mm nodule on my left lower lung, and we have never seen this before, the note read “likely post infectious or inflammatory” but that is not sitting well with me. Especially after I’ve read about your journey. I’m wondering if I need to pursue this further. My dr is not concerned, because there is no evidence of disease elsewhere and everything else says “unremarkable”...but as I read through your updates I feel like I want to do a PET (if my insurance will cover it). Anyways I would love to hear how you’re feeling and how your family is doing. I have a 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son...I think your youngest daughter is around the same age as my kids. I wish this never happened to any of us but I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me and I love how proactive you’ve been with your health and exercise etc. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Warmly, Kim
Well my immunotherapy was ok but, not giving me great results. My largest lung nodule disappeared, and I have two small remaining ones which also have started to decrease. However, my cancer in my presacrum area has increased slightly and caused a blood clot. So, I decided to go off the trial for now and return to chemo in hopes of shrinking the pre sacrum cancer. My lung nodules started out very small and we watched them for about a year and 1/2. I would recommend doing a PET and see if your spot lights up. However, usually spots don't light up until they are 6mm or 1/2 a cm. So, maybe you could wait little while. My younger daughter is 16 and my older daughter is 26. This is pretty hard on them some days and other days we just live our lives as normal as possible. I feel great so I am thankful for that. I am not going anywhere. I have too much to do and life for. Hope your spot turns out to be nothing. take care
Thank you for sharing, I’m grateful to hear your large nodule disappeared and you’ve seen a reduction in the others...I’m very hopeful you will see the pre sacrum cancer disappear too with the chemo. I love that you feel great, that’s incredible and I love that you are a warrior in my book! I’m sure your girls are thankful for your ability to push through and fight this from every angle. You certainly have way too much to live for. I appreciate your advice too, helps a lot. Take care and I hope you are enjoying some nice spring weather! ☀️
Hi Kim,
I bought a ticket. I WANT TO GO SOO BAD; selfishly to have an excuse for trip. But, crucial time for my sis.
I have had 3mm nodules on the lungs; apparently for a long time, luckily maintained stability after the first year. Also, I have Cylindrical bronchiectasis in the lower lobes. However stable and I have learned how to clear my lungs and not get myself in situations to challenge them.
I'm sure they will do another scan in a year or so, and it will be fine. But, I was told biopsy is unproductive; causing damage to find it, because it's so microscopic.(3mm= 0.1181102 inches)
Others have also reported these lung issues, that are a scare, until there is observation over time.
I am also told, these are common when we start getting up there in age, or have suffered with bouts of congestion.
I will plan to go next year. (I'll come pick you up on the way?)
Hugs J
I love it, let’s do it. Thank you so much for this message, I will say it time and time again but BFAC has been the best resource and support . Thank heaven I found all of you! Great info you’ve shared and it’s putting my worried heart at ease. Big hugs to you friend! 💗Kim
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Dianne, I'm going to try and go, I did also share on my Facebook and hope everyone can too...sorry I won't get to see you...I'm glad to hear you are felling sorry about everything else. Will your daughter be at the event? XO Jeanne
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