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2019 (1)

April (1)

Anal Cancer Foundation Fundraiser in souther CA: Hi Everyone, Anal Cancer Foundation Fund Raiser with Marcia Cross. May 19th in southern CA. For any...

2018 (4)

December (1)

Dianne Update: Hi Everyone,   It has been awhile since I sent out an update on my cancer journey.  As you may r...

August (1)

Update: Hi Friends, Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted.  I just got back from my regular t...

April (1)

Dianne's Update: I haven't posted for awhile.  Last November, 2017, after I completed my Proton Radiation treatment,...

January (1)

Effects of Radiation and painful intercourse: Hi, I went to see my ob/gyn today because after my radiaiton treatment I have been experiencing pain...

2017 (10)

November (1)

Dianne's Update after Proton Radiation Treatment: Great news first, - just had my PET scan 6 weeks after my Proton Radiation treatment for recurrence....

October (1)

Home from Houston: Wanted to give you all an update as to my status.  I just completed 3 weeks of Proton Radiation tre...

August (1)

Anthem BC/BS won't pay for radiation: All,  I am in the midst of fighting a recurrence.  After 8 crueling cycles of Cisplatin and 5FU, m...

June (1)

Dianne's Update: I just returned from Houston where I meet with Dr. Eng at MDAnderson.  I had my 8 week follow up PE...

April (4)

Someone know Elizabeth who did a trail at NIH: Someone mentioned to me that a former Bloger named Elizabeth had posted some time ago about a Immuno...
In search of someone with recurrence Anal Cancer: I am trying to find anyone who has experienced recurrent anal cancer.  I was first diagnosed in 201...
First week of Recurrent Chemo treatment: I went to see Dr. Eng at MDAnderson and after giving me another PET scan she discovered that my surg...
Recurrence: Well I have waited awhile to write this post.  I have an anal cancer recurrence.  I was 3 and 1/2 ...

February (1)

Need some advice : Well where to begin.  Long story short, for about the last 4 months I have been experiencing pain (...

January (1)

long Term Effects of pelvic radiation????: For the past several months I have been experiencing pain in my back and pelvic area.  It feels lik...

2016 (1)

September (1)

Help with my Dad who has stomach cancer and sleep:   My Dad was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer.  He is having the hardest time sleep...

2015 (1)

April (1)

Secondary cancers from treatment?: I was wondering if anyone knows of any research on secondary cancers derived from radiation treatmen...

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